Earning an Income – Blogging Pt 1

If you look online there’s tons of information on how to run a successful blog and earn an income online. It doesn’t take much insight to realize that nearly all of the information on blogging comes from people trying to sell you their course or some other product, which raises logical questions as to whether the “success stories” they post are exceptions or norms.

I’m going to write about my experiences in trying to get this site off the ground and my attempts at monetizing. I have no previous blogging experience, and no background/education in professional writing. The hope is that this experience will capture a picture of what it’s like when the total average Joe tries blogging as a way to supplement income.

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So How Does One Support Oneself Abroad? Pt 2 – Cambly

So far I’ve spent about 3 weeks teaching for the online English tutoring company “Cambly”. The next few posts will be a more in-depth review of my experience with this company and what it’s like to teach English online. They are going to focus on answering the common questions I get from people that are considering living abroad.

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How Exactly Do We Do This?

Once we decided on Ecuador we had what I saw as an incredibly large task of figuring out how exactly we move to another country as an entire family.

When I moved to Guyana about 10 years ago, it was considerably more simple. I still lived with my parents, so when I was ready I bought a plane ticket and moved. I took what I could carry, the rest I figured out. Immigration wasn’t a big deal there, just say you were a missionary and you could stay as long as you wanted (at the time).

It’s much less straightforward with a family of 4, 2 vehicles, a home that we own, a full-time job, and all the other things typical of North-American life.

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